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Simple technology with complex undertones.

We have developed an authoring process that enables digital media and other content to be delivered across multiple playback devices via USB Flash Drives.  Using our patented AVDA process (Audio/Video/Data/Authoring), we have created a single device capable of delivering audio, video, artwork and other data. Our method allows simplified access and playback on most USB enabled playback devices.  In addition, the ability to combine audio and video along with art and other data previously delivered on CD/DVD, makes USB the preferred choice of content creators for the distribution of their products.


Innovators for the music industry and beyond

URFlash was born from an observation and an idea while working in the recording studio.
Uptown Recording has been one of Chicago's top Recording Studio and post production facility at its current location for 16 years.  We are at the forefront of the entertainment industry.  We have decades of experience when it comes to creating and capturing content for artists across the world.  As we noticed, the industry has been moving away from the optical media formats for content delivery.  With this move, a void has been created for those who seek a physical format to use for the enjoyment of their content. URFlash, using our patented audio/video/data authoring (AVDA) process, can fill that void and give people something tangible and customized. Officiallybranded for a built in promotional marketing tool.


Custom products and designs.

USB media can come in all shapes and sizes.  When choosing a customized device URFlash can be implemented for universal compatibility across multiple environments all on a single device.  Releasing a new album?  Want to include a music video or concert footage for fans to enjoy without an internet connection.  URFlash allows an easy and cool way to get your fans interested in owning your content instead of streaming it.  We have partnerships with some of the best USB media manufacturers and can help you choose the right size and design for your next release.  Let's sell physical units again and get the $$$ being lost by streaming services.

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